It all starts with an idea. A concept in which to translate your business objective into a palpable experience for your consumer. One where you will be able to measure your success.


Just as our ideas have no limit, our design department does not either – we cover everything: product design, furniture design, interior design, 3D, graphic design, merchandising design…


If you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. That is our way of working: everything we design, we produce without conceptual errors by controlling our logistic and delivering the quality you need.


For a project to be a success, every aspect of it needs to work to perfection and, often, that precise work becomes the hardest part. Trust us and leave it up to us, you will never need to worry about it again. We manage teams, hire suppliers, handle permits, enable actions… everything you need to make your project come true.


Time to get our hands dirty… Did anyone say raise a skyscraper? Or a hotel? Or a restaurant? Or your next flagship?


We know the right elements can completely transform a room, therefore we are always on the lookout for high quality design and finishes. We are distributors of exclusive international brands which will allow you to materialize the identity and unique style of your project.

Creativity cannot be contained, which is why, at TAKK, there are no frontiers when it comes to facing any project. Madrid, Mexico, Miami and Singapore are our base camps, and from them we can reach anywhere you need. Europe, Asia, LATAM, USA… with TAKK your projects have no limit.